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Boudicca and Numantia: Modern Symbols of National Resistance from the Ancient World – 12:15-12:45 Thursday 27th October

October 21, 2016
Poster with images of Boudicca and Numantia

My poster for Henry’s talk.

In this talk Henry Clarke (Teaching Fellow in Roman History and Culture, University of Leeds) will draw links between his teaching on Ancient Empires and the Roman World and his research into local responses to the Roman Empire.

He will look specifically at tales of resistance by non-Romans to either the advances of the Empire or of Roman power and control. Boudicca is perhaps the best known example of ‘British’ resistance to Rome, whilst the fate of the pre-Roman city of Numantia in Spain is a strong example of an ancient event that has been adapted to serve as a Modern Spanish symbol of the nation and its power to defend itself.

He will begin by outlining classical literary accounts of Boudicca and Numantia, before exploring how their stories have been adopted and adapted over the centuries into the National Symbols we see today.

Ancient Worlds Gallery, Leeds City Museum, 12:15-12:45

Henry has previously talked about Ancient and Modern Rowing and the recording of that talk is due to be made available early next week (i.e. before Thursday).

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