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Commemorating Augustus Conference Recordings

July 7, 2014

We are happy to announce that audio (and some video) recordings of papers from the Commemorating Augustus conference will be accessible on a secure page on this site so that speakers and delegates at the conference will have the opportunity to listen to all the papers, even those in parallel sessions. In addition, those who are not able to attend the conference in person can register as virtual delegates and enjoy the papers remotely.

Commemorating Augustus conference logo (banner)

Recordings will be posted online after the conference and will not include the following Q&A session.

Access to the secure page will be possible only by password made available by email to registered delegates and virtual delegates. Information about registering as a Virtual Delegate (£40) is available from the conference website and online store.

Samples of relevant recordings and supporting materials on this site, which are indicative of what will be available in the secure area, are Penny Goodman’s reflections on the current level of recognition Augustus enjoys in “2000 years of Augustus: the view from Leeds” and “2000 years of Augustus: the world view” (both 20 minutes streamed mp3 with downloadable pdfs of PowerPoint slides/handout).


OUP logoYou might like to take a look recent publications relating to Augustus from Oxford University Press. Click on the logo to go directly to the online catalogue.



CambridgeJournalsYou might also like to read some journal articles relating to Augustus. In honour of the bimillenium articles from The Journal of Roman Studies, BritanniaPapers of the British School at RomeThe Classical Quarterly, The Classical ReviewGreece & Rome, The Cambridge Classical Journal, Anatolian Studies, The Journal of Hellenic Studies, Annual of the British School at Athens and Ramus are available as open access until 31st December 2014. Click on the logo to go directly to the homepage.

CUP logoYou might even want to take advantage of the 20% discount on CUP publications that is on  offer to all conference delegates! (Link to be sent with the Login to Virtual Delegates.)

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