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Bacchae Teachers’ Resource Pack

February 9, 2014

This password protected webpage (Password: George2014) houses the resources created by classicists to introduce performing arts students on a module that takes a Greek tragedy from the page to the modern stage for performance in Leeds in May 2014. It will be useful to students or teachers of any subject at any level who are interested in Euripides’ Bacchae as a performance that originated in C5th BC Athens.

The resources consist of audio-recorded presentations, with accompanying PowerPoint slides and handouts where applicable, which provide some specific bibliography for follow-up, if desired.

Talks are currently being added as they are delivered to students (during February 2014). These will be edited into a resource pack over the next few weeks. Talks will focus on:

  • Myth
  • Religion
  • Historical theatrical context
  • Pentheus’ character

Contact email addresses are provided, if you have any further queries.

We’d appreciate knowing how you used our materials, so please take a moment to tick a box on the survey at the bottom of the webpage when you have finished.

Many thanks,


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