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Classics in Our Lunctimes: Series 3

September 29, 2013

The third series of Classics in Our Lunchtimes talks continues on the last Thursday of the month during October half term with Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, before turning to matters as diverse as the location of Atlantis, the washing, pressing and dry-cleaning of ancient textiles, Roman legionary standards, Starwars and Iris Murdoch. The full programme is as follows:

Poster with talk titles

My poster for talks September 2013 to February 2014.

31st October 2013: Eleanor OKell    Classical Names as a key to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy

28th November 2013: Malcolm Heath    (Mis)Locating Atlantis: between reason and unreason

30th January 2014:  Cary MacMahon   Forgotten Fragments of “Monstrous Gay Garments”: a biography of two late antique textiles in Leeds’ Museums

27th February 2014: Roger Brock    Drinking Responsibly: nights out at Greek symposia

27th March 2014: Ben Greet    Roman Eagles, On-Screen Flights of Fancy

24th April 2014: Edmund Stewart    Visualising Drama in the Ancient and Modern World

29th May 2014: Bev Scott    Ancient Epic Fights Back: George Lucas as rhapsode

26th June 2014: Penny Goodman    2000 years of Augustus: the world view

31st July 2014: tbc

28th August 2014: Owen Hodkinson    The influence of the Platonic Epistles on Iris Murdoch’s philosophy and fiction

25th September 2014: tbc

The poster for talks from September 2013 to Februaray 2014 can be downloaded as a pdf poster.

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