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Travellers in Time and Space – 13:15-13:45, Thursday 26th September 2013

September 8, 2013
Poster with details and images of Cypriot pots and a map of Cyprus

My poster for Anna’s talk

As part of her work in the archives of Leeds City Museum, Anna Reeve has been conducting research into the identities of the donors of Leeds City Museum’s Cypriot ceramics collection. In this talk she will explore how these artefacts survived to the modern period and how the passion of individuals for them led to their coming to be in Leeds.

“Travellers in Time and Space: Leeds City Museum’s Cypriot Ceramics” introduces the Leeds collector Miss Stott, who is being brought to life for Light Night 2013 as part of “Dr OKell’s Carnival of Ancient Wonders” on Friday 4th October.

The talk will take place in Leeds City Museum either in the Denny or Thoresby rooms (Lower Ground Floor) or in the Leeds Story Gallery. Please look out for the posters and ask or follow the signs on the day.

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