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Becoming an Animal – uploaded

July 25, 2013
Poster with title and images of Lucius turning into a donkey and Merida with her mother and brothers in their bear forms.

My poster for Regine’s talk

25th July 2013, 13:15-13:45, Leeds City Museum

“Becoming an Animal: Apuleius’ Golden Ass and Disney’s Brave

Regine May, expert on Apuleius, focused upon what it is about humans becoming animals that attracts storytellers and to what extent today’s stories differ from those of the Greeks and Romans in respect of their narratological choices, narrative perspective and psychological descriptions of the transformed humans.

63% thought the talk was excellent and 38% went off to tell a friend about it. The question session was excellent, with numerous examples of metamorphosis (changing of shape) and its impact on thinking, characterisation and attitudes brought into the discussion – from Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to Animal Farm to Alien to The Portrait of Dorian Grey to Equus. Many thanks to everyone – especially Regine – for their participation, I’m joining the 63% of the audience who were going to think about it!


Becoming an Animal: Apuleius’ Golden Ass & Disney’s Brave PowerPoint as pdf

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