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Hercules’ Choice – uploaded

July 22, 2013
Poster with images of the "Choice of Hercules". A line drawing, a Wedgewood plaque and Paolo de Matteis' oil painting.

My poster for Emma’s talk.

Emma Stafford, international expert and author of a recent book on the Greek hero Herakles (known to the Romans as Hercules), additionally brought her expertise in art and personification to bear on an example of the story of the hero’s choice between Virtue and Vice that can be seen in all its glory as part of the Leeds City Museums’ collection. The talk focused on the place of “The Choice of Hercules” by Paolo di Matteis (1712) at Temple Newsam in artistic and story-telling traditions.

Listen to ‘Hercules’ Choice: from ancient Greece to Temple Newsam’

Download the Slide Presentation (as a pdf) Hercules’ Choice

Some further bibliography is included within the pdf, but an item omitted from that list is:

E. J. Stafford, 2005, ‘Vice or Virtue? Herakles and the art of allegory’ in L. Rawlings and H. Bowden (eds.), Herakles and Hercules: Exploring a Graeco-Roman Divinity (Classical Press of Wales): 71-96

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