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2000 years of Augustus uploaded

January 31, 2013
Poster for Penny's talk with images of Augustus' genius and students engaged in the survey outside Game

My poster for Penny’s talk with images of Augustus’ genius and students engaged in the survey outside Game.

Penny Goodman, “2000 years of Augustus: the view from Leeds”

Leeds City Museum 31st January 2013

Penny Goodman, presented some results from a survey her students conducted in Leeds about Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, better known as Augustus. 

The “interesting”, “informative” and “inspiring” talk revealed that Augustus’ public perception today is not only linked to screen portrayals but also closely mirrors the perception of ancient and modern historians.

Augustus himself had a keen eye to image manipulation and the talk revealed he may be gratified that some aspects of the qualities for which he wished to be remembered still endure.

The concluding Q&A session is included in the audio recording because it reveals some more details of the survey’s questions and explores the interpretation of Augustus and Augustus-as-a-leader in the twentieth century more widely.


View the 2000 years of Augustus PowerPoint

You may also enjoy Penny’s recent online journal article on Augustus on screen, as mentioned during the talk.

Penny is a researcherblogger and Doctor Who enthusiast.

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