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Seeing Pompeii uploaded

October 25, 2012
Poster for Rick Jones' Talk with images of eighteenth and twentieth century tourists in Pompeii

My poster for Rick Jones’ talk

The first talk of the second series of “Classics in our Lunchtimes”, a talks series linking the ancient world with later periods. Rick Jones, co-director of the Anglo-American Project at Pompeii (excavations 1994-2006) and expert in social interaction through urbanisation in Pompeii, focuses on it means to see Pompeii – from the first visitors invited by the King of Naples to the coach tours of the present day.

Due to technical difficulties the slides were not displayed on a large screen during the talk, so additional description of slides and some references to activity by technicians appear in the recording.

Listen to “Seeing Pompeii: from royal playground to mass tourism”

View the Seeing Pompeii PowerPoint (ppt) slides

View the Seeing Pompeii PowerPoint (pptx) slides

  1. Glad you enjoyed it and that you’d enjoyed Light Night too. The talks are once a month and either in the conference rooms (in the basement near the animals) or in the Leeds Story Gallery (first floor, far end, where Roman Leeds is). I do put up posters on the day, but the wind sometimes blows away the one by the front door… Thanks for recommending the site on your blog and having my photo up there, Dionysus aka erosOK

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