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Bettakultcha – Ray Harryhausen and Cyclopes from Homer to Pixar

September 17, 2012

The first of two – very well received – classical talks for Leeds Bettakultcha.

The talk (5 minutes) is available as streamed video from the Bettakultcha website titled “Eleanor Okell on the Cyclops“, but the PowerPoint slides – vaguely visible in the background – are only available here. This talk was based on research done for the Animating Antiquity conference at the National Media Museum, Bradford, organised by Steve Green and Penny Goodman in honour of the Ray Harryhausen collection’s arrival (November 2011). The Conference proceedings will be available as a special issue of the Classical Receptions Journal in due course.

Download the “Harryhausen’s Cyclos is the Daddy” PowerPoint (slides advance automatically every fifteen seconds once you click when the OK is given to start in the video)

Watch the talk

Read the Feedback…

Never did I think I’d enjoy a presentation on #cyclopes (plural of cyclops don’t you know) – thanks @erosok

Classic classics by @erosok #bettakultcha Who knew there was so much to know about the cyclops‽

@erosok is passionate about cyclopes! That’s more than 1 cyclops to u & I. He has a huge club & 3 eyes (if he’s a thespian)!

#Bettakultcha at its best; @erosok shares her enthusiasm and in-depth specialist knowledge of Harryhausen’s Cyclops. #WishIdDoneClassics

Superb presentation on cyclops #Bettakultcha and Harry Hausen

Five minutes from classics expert @erosok on the aesthetics of Cyclops in Harryhausen films. This is why I love #bettakultcha

In the kingdom of the blind the #Bettakultcha Cyclopes presentation from @erosok is king.

The cyclops has no sense of perspective

@erosok has far too much time on her hands!! Love it! :-)!

Yay @Erosok! Fantastic #bettakultcha presentation

#bettakultcha properly referenced presentation on Cyclopes from @erosok < 10/10 for referencing

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