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Classics at Bettakultcha – 11th September

August 27, 2012

Bettakultcha is an opportunity to learn about things that people are passionate about through five-minute presentations (20 Powerpoint slides, 15 seconds a slide). Anyone coming along to the Brudenell Social Club on 11th September (tickets available online: £5 before 1st September, £7.50 afterwards) will find cyclopes and personifications in the mix! Links to videos of the presentations will be added to this site once they are uploaded elsewhere.

Eleanor OKell will be passionate about cyclopes – “Harryhausen’s Cyclops is the Daddy” (and traces its descent directly from classical sources too!).

Tim McConnell (Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar) will be passionate about personification – “Finding Justice in Leeds”.

Wish us luck…

  1. Minerva (the Roman name for Athena) can be found elsewhere in Leeds – and more recognisably (i.e. with her attributes of helmet and aegis) – on the Leeds City Museum (formerly the Mechanics Institute – she is goddess of technology, as well as weaving, war, wisdom the city and the taming of horses!) and the Town Hall. For pictures, see my Light Night 2012 website I did weigh in about this when the statue was first proposed (see, but haven’t been to see her yet. Still want to bring her alive – complete with stories of turning the weaver Archne into a spider – sometime. Just need the funding…

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