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October 31, 2011
My advertising poster for Penny's talk

My advertising poster for Penny’s talk

Penny Goodman (Classics: University of Leeds)

Doctor Who, the Romans and Us

Dr. Penny Goodman, Lecturer in Roman History at the University of Leeds, is the author of the blog Penelope’s Weavings and Unpickings, which supplies insightful comments on cross-overs between the ancient and modern worlds.

As the star turn of the panel “Doctor Who and the Classical World” (Classical Association Annual Conference, Cardiff, 2010), Penny’s paper “‘That’s not right!’: Doctor Who and historiography” showed everyone that watching the original series of Doctor Who with an eye to the Romans was an excellent way to learn about what it means to be an historian and about the details of some competing historical methodologies.

On 28th October 2011 Penny turns her attention to the new series of Doctor Who. Expect a survey of the role of the Romans culminating in the Roman Autons of “The Pandorica Opens” and ”The Big Bang” – and possibly the current season’s finale – that explores the question: “What have these Romans got to do with us?”

67% of the audience thought that Penny’s talk on “Doctor Who, the Romans and Us” was “Excellent”, 24% that it was “Very Good” and 13% that it was “Prettty Good” – everyone thought it was better than “OK”.

If you couldn’t be there you can still hear her and see if you agree with them!

View Dr Who, the Romans and Us PowerPoint


Her talk, and its Powerpoint presentation, appear in the context of the “Classics in our Lunchtimes” series on the Museum page.

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