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Classics Talks in Leeds

July 8, 2011

This site does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s designed to let anyone find out about – and then access – talks by experts on Classics in Leeds.

That’s “ancient classics” or “the language and culture of the Greek and Roman worlds”, not Charles Dickens, Morris Minors or Beethoven. Although, having said that, you may find talks on the use of classics in the Victorian period, advertising or song lyrics!

As to “in Leeds”? The experts are from the University of Leeds’ Classics Department and the talks are, well, given in Leeds – in the Parkinson Building, at stage@leeds, in the Leeds City Museum, etc. Although some are given in Yorkshire and/or to Yorkshire organisations.

There will be two types of talks represented:

1) Talks that have happened already (with audio files)

2) Talks that have yet to happen so you can keep up to date and maybe come and hear us in person

That’s not to say that other experts don’t talk about classics in Leeds – they do! – and information about them can generally be found from the Classics Department’s Events listing or the Leeds and District Branch of the Classical Association’s listing. But this site hosts and promotes talks by Leeds classicists who are all concerned about talking about the things they are passionate about and that connect their research and their daily lives to general audiences who might want to know a bit more about, for example:

  • the films we see at the cinema (like Gladiator or 300),
  • the TV shows we watch (like Doctor Who),
  • the theatre we see advertised (like The Wife of Heracles)
  • the sculpture on the buildings around us (like Leeds Town Hall).

In other words about the places where elements of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds appear within our daily lives in Leeds.

We love classics @ Leeds and in Leeds and hope you will too.

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